Nicole Spencer

Compliance Manager

Nicole is an integral member of the team at Planet Wealth. Nicole has been working in the Financial Planning Industry for over 20 years.

Nicole assists with the preparation of our Advice documents for our Clients, which are individually tailored to meet our Clients’ needs and ensure they can achieve their goals.


▸ Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning

Nicole is responsible for:

▸ Compiling our Advice recommendations.

▸ Managing the Implementation process for our recommendations.

▸ Assisting our Clients to understand the information and recommendations provided to them by our Financial Planners.

▸ Providing support with knowledge and experience through the Financial Planning journey.

▸ Building and maintaining relationships with our Clients, Internal and External Stakeholders such as Underwriters and Business Partnership Managers.

▸ Ensuring Planet Wealth meet all Compliance Standards and requirements.

▸ Training new and existing team members.