Mortgage Consulting

Property Financial Advisor

Planet Wealth’s Mortgage Consultants can help you acquire a home loan by providing lending solutions suitable to your needs. We aim to save our clients a great deal of time by sharing helpful insights that will help them qualify for a home loan.

How Our Mortgage Consultants can help you

Assess All Requirements

Our Mortgage Consultants will work with you to fully understand what you need from a home loan.

Calculate Borrowing Power

We will determine your financial situation and calculate how much you can borrow and what you can afford.

Compare Home Loan Options

Our Mortgage Consultant can compare multiple loan options and determine which lenders will provide you with a home loan suitable to your needs.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Our Mortgage Consultant will work with you for the lifespan of your loan. We can provide lending solutions that will help you make decisions about your loan both now and in the future.

Document Preparation

Our Mortgage Consultant can help to prepare and take care of financial documents and other paperwork.

Get Pre-Approval

Our Mortgage Consultant can help you to get a pre-approval on your home loan so you’re ready to make an offer on a property or bid at auction.

Get Help with Home Loans Today

Planet Wealth offers professional lending advice and solutions to clients who need a home loan. To book an appointment, call our office on 1300 004 254 or contact us online.