Self Managed Superannuation Fund(SMSF)

Set Up a Self-Managed Super Fund

Are you considering using a self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF)? Find out how Planet Wealth can help you. We can set up a self-managed super fund for our clients and help them to manage it in a way that adheres to their financial goals.

We stay up to date with the constant changes relating to self-managed superannuation fund rules and regulations as well as the market. We analyse and review each client’s portfolio on a regular basis and implement strategies that maximise opportunities for the SMSF to grow.

The Benefits of a Self-Managed Super Fund

Flexibility and Control

Clients with a self-managed superannuation fund have complete control over where and how their superannuation and retirement savings will be invested. As a Financial Advisor, we can help clients to implement an investment strategy that suits their needs while also taking into account current market conditions.

Investment Opportunities

A self-managed superannuation fund gives you the ability to act quickly to invest in various types of investment options. The asset allocation of the fund can be adjusted to comply with changes in market conditions. Planet Wealth can assist our clients with finding new investment opportunities.

Tax Benefits

Any income that a self-managed superannuation fund receives has a very low tax rate of 15%. Planet Wealth can work with fund trustees to meet their tax obligations and ensure they’re paying the least amount of tax possible.

Funds Can Include Family Members

A self-managed superannuation fund can have up to six members within the fund, which usually consists of family members. This means that our clients and their families can manage their collective super balance together. Planet Wealth can help you and your family to maximise your SMSF in a way that works best for all.

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